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The Other Birmingham

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In this one-off Brum-Bham-Blog travel mashup, Birmingham UK gets introduced to Birmingham Alabama, and vice-versa. Originally meant to be a feature on my travel journalism blog, there were so many connections, it has landed its own Bhambrumblr. Would love to hear from natives of both cities and add more contributions. So please email with your ideas, suggestions and comments. Thanks! Now go explore The Other Birmingham... (Tip: Wanna see posts bigger? Click on the headers.)

Entertainment districts…

…and nightlife areas live next to a confluence of five roads, in both cities. This is a really weird coincidence, right?

Five Ways, Birmingham UK

Brum’s main entertainment district starts at Five Ways roundabout and runs along Broad Street to Paradise Circus (such a pretty name, such a grim place). It is a vision of bright lights, big bouncers, staggering scantily dressed females, gangs of straight men dressed as women on stag dos and, by 2am closing time, puddles of vomit on street corners. I may be being a bit harsh here as I’m too old for Broad Street, but if you want to get trollied on a Friday or Saturday night in Birmingham then here’s the place to come.

Five Ways itself is a similar nightmare to negotiate - a scary roundabout featuring much traffic and many lanes, although to be fair, it is nothing on the scale of Spaghetti Junction - see Birmingham’s joint Problematic Highway Exchanges).

Amazingly, Five Ways has its own Wikipedia page.

Here’s a shot by Elliot Brown of the cinema complex at the top end of Broad Street by the traffic island, and one of Five Ways itself.

Pictures of Birmingham on vacant clubs at the Five Ways end of Broad Street: on the Five Ways Complex

Evening in Five Ways No 1 Hagley Road (Metropolitan House) and Broadway

Five Points South, Birmingham, AL

I had the joy of a Five Points South drive-thru on my 24-hours in Bham, so really I have no idea what it is like but decided to chisel it in here as a Birmingham Match anyway.

There looked to be a fair few restaurants and bars with alfresco tables, and for a busy road junction, it was even kinda pretty (I say that coming from a fellow industrial city; if I was from California I’d probably think it sucked.) Perhaps, some Bham residents could fill in the blanks on Five Points South and what it’s like for the nightlife?

Meanwhile, I tried and failed to get a shot from the traffic lights of @socialmediabham's car… and couldn't find a shot of it on Flickr, so here's my photo of a picture on an old postcard instead. Desperate much?:

Five Points South

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